While your company is gift enough...some have asked if you can bring a gift.

Here is a link to my wishlist-

I also like Crystals & Artifacts, Amazon Gift Cards, Spa, Apple/MAC electronics, Sephora Gift Cards, Encyclopedias (Original Red Set-DREAM gift!)

Favorite Wines

I love all wines as I am not picky. However giving me red wine if you have white carpets is a terrible idea. I am great at many things. Walking in heels with a glass of wine is not one of them. Ask my mother. The stain from Christmas of 2015 is still there. must choose red wine or heels. I am fine with either:)

Real Fruit Wines-Blackberry, Strawberry, etc.

Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Calcaire

Black Cordon Chardonnay

White Sangria