While your company is gift enough...some have asked if you can bring a gift.



Who doesn't love a good pair of stilettos? These are my favorite...but I wont say no to any of them. Click Below to see more.

Size 38 (7.5 US)

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Practical Need!


My house is almost 60 years old...but a treasure! During the summer its hot and dusty! 

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I'm a girl...and its a purse. What else is there to say?

I'm a girl...and its a purse. What else can I say?

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I am currently back in school and I am in need of a fast laptop! I currently have one that is 5+ years old and it does not work for the programs we use.

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2020 Range Rover


Fuji White with Ebony Pimento interior. Hey...a girl can dream!

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Favorite Wines & Snacks

Fresh Fruits & Cheeses 

Pizza & Wings

I love all wines as I am not picky. However giving me red wine if you have white carpets is a terrible idea. I am great at many things. Walking in heels with a glass of wine is not one of them. Ask my mother. The stain from Christmas of 2015 is still there. must choose red wine or heels. I am fine with either:)

Real Fruit Wines-Blackberry, Strawberry, etc.

Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Calcaire

Black Cordon Chardonnay

White Sangria